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Message from Dayna: Ruby Slippers

The more people that I have joining me here, the more I feel I have a responsibility to be honest and vulnerable. So here I go: I’m very scared. Due to an increase in my mental health struggles specifically around my OCD, I am making some major treatment changes and I’m really worried. I know that my mental health journey will be never ending but it’s been awhile since I felt my struggle become debilitating. As I take a break from and switch up, some of my major healing comforts I was reminded that in some ways I have lost track of my own strength. Struggling so much again, I have slowly but surely disregarded the fact that I have the power within…so I bought myself my own “ruby slippers”—but of course my version: red high tops! Like in the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy has the ruby slippers that will bring her what she wants the whole movie, she has the power. I have worked hard to get to the point, that this is the next piece of my treatment and this is my personal reminder that I have the internal strength, tools and will to return to a place where I feel back to my “normal.” That being said one thing I’m not giving up on is Bake it Till You Make it and moreover my creative projects and initiatives, those have always been such a huge part in helping me through and I feel grateful that they, like my ruby slippers, remind me of the power I have not only within myself but what I can share with the world. If you are struggling yourself, as I always say, there is always help, even if that means a change but if I have learned anything in my current situation, it’s to hold onto yourself in process

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