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Anybody have a map?

“Anybody have a map” is the opening number from to the hit musical Dear Evan Hansen. And as a theater kid turned theater adult, whenever I’m in search of some type of anthem or song for a season of my life I look to the theater. Disclaimer: I actually don’t love this song but I do love the musical and I love the concept.

“Anybody have a map” is a song where the characters in the show are all looking to each other for answers because they are all “just pretending to know.” In other words “fake it till you make it”…AND I would like to add it is okay not to know.

Not knowing or not having all the answers is one of those lessons the universe continues to have me try and learn. There is a big part of me that is still uncomfortable with the unknown, the lack of control, the in between time etc. This has continued to show up for me as I navigate my transition into Bake it Till You Make it full time. I feel sad I don’t have an update, I haven’t had an “aha moment” or a map or a direction it feels sometimes AND I am realizing, I don’t need to.

On a much larger scale, I have seen my parents face this type of uncertainty with the aftermath of hurricane Ian hitting their home and the place my dad loves more than anything. A lot of the messages I have seen about the hurricane are encouraging Floridians to “stay strong” and “push through” and while that is one way to go about it, I think having emotions is okay in this (and in basically every) situation, we are human after all and that is the core of our experience. In this case no one has a map either. I don’t think anyone ever has a map in the wake of loss or tragedy or destruction. There is no map nor recipe because there are so many complexities, even if there was a map it wouldn’t work for everyone.

So without the answer myself, I am inviting you to design your own map at least for your current moment. It doesn’t have to be a life map, it can be a day map or a minute to minute map. You got this!!



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