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Offerings by Dayna



One of the most difficult things for Dayna in her own struggle with depression is feeling disconnected and isolated. Bake it Till You Make it LLC works to combat the isolation cycle by hosting events that combine baking, mental health conversation and fun!! Whether it is the annual  “Nailed it” decorating completion or an online baking workshop, Dayna believes there is room for everyone at the Bake it Till You Make it table. 



The Watch Me Rise Experience is an immersive exhibit to inspire exploration of voice, power and purpose in mental health recovery through poetry and baking. 

During the pop up event, all visitors receive a journal for reflection. As participants move throughout the exhibit they also obtain the components of a bread making kit with the hope that at the end of the night, the bread will be baked at home and shared with loved ones. Each component of the kit is aligned with the progression of the poem sections to mirror the steps in the recovery process.



Bake it Till You Make it LLC is not only committed to mental health storytelling but also to creating community and providing mental health education. Dayna has found one of the best ways to do this is through hosting “book clubs” where participants read, discuss and in some cases bake, through one of her mental health cookbooks. Whether it is for a group of students, friends or in the workplace, Dayna tailors a unique experience for any audience and hosts the conversations either in person or virtually.


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As a true believer in the power of storytelling and now “self proclaimed” expert in her own story, Dayna works with individuals to own their own story as they bake together. Dayna offers this for those who need a listening ear or would like to get a better understanding of how to refine their narrative. Dayna is not a licensed clinician, however, she does have years of experience in the mental health teaching DBT and employing techniques of motivational interviewing. 

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