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Bake it Till You Make it Documentary

From Baking to Bravery 

The Bake it Till You Make it documentary tells the story of Dayna Altman’s incredible, inspiring mental health recovery journey--how she baked with bravery and vulnerability and continually inspires her own community to openly have their own mental health conversations.

We Knead You Here Podcast
by Bake it Till You Make it 

The We Knead You Here podcast by Bake it Till You Make it is dedicated to celebrating the little moments to live for, even when it feels hard to think of one.


As the host, Dayna Altman, knows well—-when depression plays a role in one’s life it can be really hard to see anything but a dark road in front of you. That’s why in her podcast ,each bite sized episode is a tribute to a moment, experience or lesson she has encountered because of the active choice to stay— Dayna hopes this podcast whether the listener struggles with their mental health or loves someone who does (which we basically all do) that they are needed. This podcast is brought to you by Bake it Till You Make it LLC, an organization dedicated to using food and baking to cultivate authentic mental health conversation, in the kitchen, around the table and beyond.  

Each episode also includes a baking recipe (in the show notes) and a comparable reflection sheet!!

Episode One-Reflection Sheet

Episode Two-Reflection Sheet

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